12 Different Guys You’ll Meet On Tinder

Online dating is the bane of a single girl’s existence. For many girls, apps like Tinder may be the only way to meet someone new. However, the dating pools on these things aren’t always the best. Looking for love on Tinder, therefore, ends up being way more difficult than it should be. The following Dirty Dozen men really, truly don’t help the dating cesspool that is known as Tinder… Continue reading “12 Different Guys You’ll Meet On Tinder”

I ghosted the gym and I am fine with it

So I cancelled my gym membership, for the second time .
That moment when you are greeted by a bouncy smiley receptionist is almost enough to make you walk out or possibly try and get on a treadmill in your work clothes to avoid declaring you are leaving them like a mid- life crisis . I started to feel bad but I had to bite the bullet and fess up, this relationship is over and not doing much for me (mainly because I will do anything to avoid going in the first place).

Continue reading “I ghosted the gym and I am fine with it”

Not guilty

Things we need to stop feeling guilty forSaying no, and sticking with itThese days we are massively overwhelmed and at times overworked with requests both from work/study and our personal life. Whether this is being asked to squeeze another task in when you already have a deadline to wrestle with or being asked to a birthday party and a fundraiser… Continue reading “Not guilty”

If you watched ’13 reasons why’ here are 10 ways you can actually support somebody

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have at minimum had somebody thoroughly dissect the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why in your lunch room. Having watched the series overall, I appreciated the rawness and non-censored way in which mental illness was portrayed. That being said, I am disillusioned and disappointed as to the follow up m… Continue reading “If you watched ’13 reasons why’ here are 10 ways you can actually support somebody”

Fear of the smear?

Dr. George Nicholas Papanicolaou. A name which has the connotations of a designer who showcased his wares at the latest London Fashion Week. A clothing designer he is not, however, he did something more pioneering by developing what we now know as the Pap smear, now you can see where the name came from people -every day is a school day.Considering I recently had mine (I am all for overshare here) I thought about why some women avoid this test or become a bit like OH FUCK about it. Continue reading “Fear of the smear?”