6 other things to do on February 14th

Everybody knows that V day is nothing more than a scam to force your other half to buy stuff you don’t want/need and pay ridiculous money to sit in a restaurant that isn’t even BYO.

Here are my 6 ideas for other things you could do on that day.

Get a tattoo
At one point myself and a bestie decided that we would spend Valentine’s Day drinking coffee and getting inked by a rather dashing man. In fact, my tattoo is of a rose, if you don’t get one bought for you get a permanent one- you deserve it. Tattoos will never wake up one morning and decide they are leaving you.

Binge watch Peaky Blinders
If you have never seen this series you are missing out, and if you have already watched it watch it again- you can never get sick of Tommy Shelby’s moody/ perfect face. Who doesn’t need a valentine in the form of a Brummie gangster?

I really really want a facial
You mutter this every second week but as always you have WAY too much on your to-do list to allow you this treat. Make a point of booking in for some relaxation and let somebody else worry about you for a change.

Go against the grind
Show some love to the people in your life. One V day I received flowers from a co-worker they made my day.Perhaps it’s a dear friend or the next-door neighbor that always takes your rubbish bin out for you. Go against the norm and show some love to somebody else that deserves it.

Put a ring in it
Well a doughnut ring, it’s pretty much that level of happiness anyway. The doughnut won’t last forever but that five minutes of sweet pleasure will bring a smile to your face- not such much your dentists.

Do nothing
Yep do absolutely nothing. Switch your notifications off, order a pizza and consciously put your hair into a messy bun with no makeup and feel ok about that. Life is so hectic sometimes we forget to show some thanks to ourselves (or a partner if you have one), and that should happen more often than the once a year card shops and florists say so.

Happy V Day!