I ghosted the gym and I am fine with it

So I cancelled my gym membership, for the second time .
That moment when you are greeted by a bouncy smiley receptionist is almost enough to make you walk out or possibly try and get on a treadmill in your work clothes to avoid declaring you are leaving them like a mid- life crisis . I started to feel bad but I had to bite the bullet and fess up, this relationship is over and not doing much for me (mainly because I will do anything to avoid going in the first place).

A few years back you would find me in the gym sometimes 3 times a week hammering the treadmill, whilst also pulling my top up/focusing on not falling/struggling to breath. The routine remained for a while then I just got fed up. I would leave work tired and the last thing I wanted to do was put on gym clothes, be surrounded by women who were much more ‘gym ish’ and have to deal with my beetroot face being glared at upon exiting the facility.

Being comfortable when you are in an uncomfortable surrounding is bloody impossible. I went to classes, quite a few of them including hard-core abs during which my trance days served me well as I knew how long a remix went during crunches hell. It’s easy to write things off, I am convincing myself of my limitations ALL.THE.TIME. Sometimes I still use them as an excuse not to do stuff but for the gym I tried different classes, I bought leggings to which the outside world should never have been exposed too, I did the marriage counselling.

Many people would say a gym membership is investing in your body, I actually agree. The problem is when you stop going and you are still paying levy’s to make sure the toilets look less like nightclubs and more like university accommodation. However there are plenty of ways to get fit without breaking the bank, a good hike, a leisurely walk, running after your kids, running away from your kids the possibilities are endless!

Exercise is physically and mentally greatly beneficial, you just need to find an option that works for you. Being comfortable, motivated, having fun and not cutting into your wine budget are key for most people, the gym just never did it for me.

*Signs up to yoga studio*