You Are What You Wear

Style. A word with many meanings depending on the context, for the purpose of this piece we will be referring to the type of style which has people saying things like “omg I LOVE that style” or “omg wtf is she wearing?”.I am the first to admit that if there is something absolutely hideous in a clothing shop I will most definitely fall in love with … 

Style. A word with many meanings depending on the context, for the purpose of this piece we will be referring to the type of style which has people saying things like “omg I LOVE that style” or “omg wtf is she wearing?”.

I am the first to admit that if there is something absolutely hideous in a clothing shop I will most definitely fall in love with it, much to the dismay of my shopping companion purely because it’s more than likely a friend who will have to be seen out in public with me wearing said item. I have always fascinated over how much style is a form of individualised expression, you wear who you are, you are what you wear and people whether you like it or not will judge the shit out of you depending on your shoes. So what happens when you let somebody else choose your style for a week? Hold onto your Prada bag you are about to find out.

To give you some context as to my usual style, I am from Scotland which basically means we love wearing layers, tights and coats, clothing which I miss being able to wear in Straya but sometimes I miss it that much it’s worth the sweat on. I have an addiction to polka dots, red lipstick and I have an issue with wearing pants (you can read about that in my blog, it’s that much of an issue I wrote about it). My wardrobe is a mish mash of dresses, a few skirts, t shirts and striped items. I don’t spend much money on clothing, and when I do go back home for a holiday I leave half my suitcase empty to fill it up with more clothing, I also have a handbag from Hong Kong which my friend describes as ‘the most hideous fucking bag I have ever seen’ so I wear it to piss off the haters.

Here is me wearing a Vikki esque outfit which shows the usual style I have, complete with University friend, you will soon see I am not a full-length photo taker often.

My boyfriend basically dresses exactly how I would if I was a bloke, in fact I am slowly stealing his cardigans which he doesn’t seem to mind/has no choice/just gave up . I asked him to dress me for five days, to which he happily obliged. It was amusing watching him standing in front of the wardrobe hauling things out then looking at them puzzled, he commented that I don’t really have anything very different which made his job harder, the other factor is that I had to go to work dressed in the outfit and as much as I would like to think I could dress like Shoshanna in Girls when she works in Japan, you just can’t when you work in social work.

So here are the results (side note- I am the most unphotogenic person ever, I found the whole photograph thing extremely cringe and kept telling myself surely you don’t look THIS bad in real life? *goes off to find slimming potion and DIY facelift*.

Day 1

This dress has only been worn once and I got it in the UK, it was five pounds and truth be told I couldn’t find my size anywhere so this one was two sizes bigger than me and either I ate too much pies or it shrunk in the wash but it fits so YEY. People at work liked this dress, I had never worn it to work and I just feel like the white emphasises how I must deflect the sun away from me at all times. Anyways the response was positive , they liked the colour although I had to wear tights and boots which I whinged about and demanded my BF drove me to work as I would be a hot mess by the time I rocked up there

Day 2
The skirt cost me two pounds and is extremely awkward as there is a zip all the way down the front, therefore I wear it the wrong way so the zip is at my ass not my women bits because WTF. This outfit got some praise too, somebody described it as a mix of preppy and vintage, I actually liked it but I would have removed the belt it was just too chunky and made the skirt look shorter.

Day 3

I think this was the closest to an outfit I would choose for myself, I like the stripes and the fake leather skirt with the boots combo works well. Nobody commented on this outfit to be honest but more because it falls in line with what I usually wear, bit of a rock feel but still sensible enough to wear to work. I love these boots, they are a size too big but again they were a bargain so I will MAKE them fit me. Fun fact I once owned a pair of boots which were two different sizes, #slay.

Day 4

I can’t describe how much I disliked this outfit, from the moment I put it on I felt my mood drop, I made a joke about saying I was off to my cult when I left the house. I love this skirt but feel like it’s not made for me, I am not a fan of all my legs being covered and I just felt a bit frumpy. It was a tad hippy for me and I think I felt like the 1990’s had returned, I don’t think the outfit is hideous but I’m sure it did me no favours. Now this is when things got weird at work, the amount of compliments I got was ridiculous, for an outfit I hated people had said that skirt is lovely where did you get it etc I just did not understand it at all! I was not surprised at how much of a mood I was in that day because I just didn’t feel comfortable, not like myself and I radiated an awkwardness that apparently nobody else was aware of .

Day 5

This is actually a dress I tried to sell online, reason being I ordered it online then decided it was far too clingy for me, and possibly far too YELLOW. Anyways, bae paired it with black leggings, I was apprehensive but I thought no I have to go with the experience or what’s the point. So I walk to work, feeling very safe as what car would miss me wearing this. The first few comments from work are that the dress is such a nice colour, I still feel conscious of the brightness but then I start thinking maybe I can pull this off with tights and boots (wishing it was winter as usual). One comment which made me laugh was from a male at work who advised me the turtle neck made me look short, so there’s that.

So what did I learn? I learned that my boyfriend has pretty decent taste in clothes so I could trust him to buy me outfits, he did well to create some of them using what I had and for being the usual legend he is by taking the time to pick my clothes .I think there is a lot to be said for how you dress effecting your mood and how you present yourself during that day. I definitely noticed my mood and manner when I wasn’t dressed in something I like being slightly affected, as if I wasn’t expressing myself properly. My motto throughout this experiment is that red lipstick fixes everything in life, even if you do think you look like you are a vertically challenged cult member.