December is the month of the work Christmas party or the more aptly named employee hunger games of who has a job to go back to next year.

Here are some top tips for maintaining your dignity and contract in the coming weeks.

1. Cheers to that

Obviously, the first point has to cover the issue of alcohol. Companies in some cases intertwine alcohol into their culture, you may already have beers with the boss on a Friday or part of your job is to take clients out for a boozy lunch. Don’t get comfortable, the work  Xmas  party is a whole new game which has to be treated delicately (very much like you when trying to eat your bacon roll the day after it). Even if your company has an unlimited supply of Whiskey this doesn’t mean you need to drink all of it, aside from potentially having  a  casual spew over the CEO YOU WILL FEEL LIKE ACTUAL DEATH TOMORROW. Take it easy, try and get your money’s worth from the food first that way you increase the chances of not being a complete write off by 3pm.

2. Selfie season

Unless you have been residing under a rock for many years you will be pretty familiar with the internet and more so social media. Now, we all love a bit of selfie action and the ability to post as many glitter inspired blurry inappropriate photos as we can throughout the night however try and have a second of mindfulness in this instance. Whichever photos you post including the one of the student placement snogging the face off the boss can be seen by the world which weirdly enough does not exclude the people in the photos or the big bad bosses above them. Be kind, everybody has been there (maybe not the snogging boss bit but you get my drift).

And on that note …..


Just don’t. Not if you are on student placement, or work there, or have an underlying burning desire to tell them how much you fantasize about them giving you a warning. Another thing not to do is tell your boss that personally, no offense, I could do your job better as you are shit.

4. Keep your claws hidden

The wine is flowing, that bitch from marketing is twirling her hair and making that fake dumb laugh at the managing director. Before you start mouthing off at your work fam next to you take a sec, think and stop the words coming out. The work Xmas  party is a bit like a walls have ears scenario, people may be able to hear you. It’s fine to dislike people at work but don’t ruin your own reputation for the sake of a few bitchy comments, wait until you get into the car park!.

5. Work the room

You have a great idea on how to improve the efficiency of your department but you have never really felt confident enough to share it. The work  Xmas  party has an aim of providing a social atmosphere and avoids work chat, however, this is not necessarily true. You can use this time to converse with people within your organization whom you would otherwise be shielded from, use this opportunity to get your name and pretty face out there. Sidenote don’t try and gain confidence by      skulling a bottle of Pinot before the big approach, see point number one.

6. Remember to have fun

You have worked hard this year, you have dragged yourself into the workplace with a hangover, accidently dumped important documents into the shredder, broken the printer (twice), made somebody cry and swore in the boardroom. Let your hair down, have a drink, have a dance and look forward to doing it all over again next year.