Blog Party

Blog Party, not to be mistaken for ‘Bloc Party’ an excellent band from the noughties which provided the soundtrack to my university antics (every day I am eternally grateful snapchat did not exist then).

This is my first entry for the blog and for once in my life I am at a loss for words. Writing is very new for me, towards the end of secondary school I planned to study Journalism, however by the time I went to university I studied Psychology which is basically learning that you will be more than happy to electrocute strangers if other people did it first (actual study). Although I have followed a career using my degree I have recently started writing in my spare time and for some reason people enjoy reading my rambles, which takes me to blogging…..

Blogging has always been a concept I never really grasped, I would sometimes stumble across postings by bloggers and say out loud to myself “who gives a shit about your contoured face?’ then move right along to reading about ten things that happened when some lady couldn’t be arsed to shave her armpits for two weeks. When I think of this exciting new experience I think about a quote from a television show called ‘Girls’.

Hannah Horvath moves freely and sometimes chaotically between writing/not writing and being involved in other escapades while I admire her horrendous outfits, and at one point her father asks, “Are you writing again?” Her response is my exact feeling about this blog

“I don’t know, but I have something to say”.

I want you to think of my blog as an open door to a party, or a meeting whichever you prefer .A place where you can have a read, a laugh, a cry, a silence or a heated opinion along with others.

Welcome to the blog party, I look forward to meeting you

TheVintageVik xxx