Vintage Boxed-an interview and review

During one of my many instagram scrolls, I came across a page that caught my vintage obsessed eye, a subscription box with hand picked pieces that would be delivered -delivered worldwide. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this is that instead of selecting a piece you want during your online shopping binge, you have no idea what you will receive and have to trust that the owner of Vintage Boxed will give you something you don’t like but something you LOVE. For me, she absolutely nailed it.

The owner of Vintage Boxed ,Jessie ,started the business after realising she simply had too much vintage gathered from spending 10 years plus in the vintage industry.

“I previously ran my online vintage shop Super Queenie Retro. Super Queenie Retro is a successful vintage brand however, I wanted to find new ways of selling vintage .”

Jessie owns the keleptic empire herself and with the assistance of her hubby she creates each Vintage Boxed package with thought, love and an attitude of authenticity .

“I liked the idea of selling the suprise element of vintage shopping, when your out thrifting and don’t know what you might come across,Vintage Boxed is a little like that. We ask all customers for their size and a rough idea of their vintage style when an order is placed , that way we send pieces that fit and are a style they like, hopefully that gives customer the same finding treasure feeling delivered to their door “.

When asked about how she manages to select for each customer and what she enjoys about this aspect Jessie gives some insight into how successful Vintage Boxed has become .

“I love selling vintage and couldn’t imagine a job that doesn’t feature vintage or clothing somehow,I love putting together the pieces for Vintage Boxed. However, I underestimated how long it would take to put the monthly orders together. It now takes a couple of days to complete all the months orders so I roped my hubby into being my boxing assistant!”.

I was keen to find out what future plans Jessie has given the success of Vintage Boxed, and her drive to create more vintage selling concepts.

“I have just relocated to Co.Cork in Ireland after being in Norwich for 5 years. I am looking forward to a new adventure and have some big plans for 2019 to start organising local vintage fairs in Ireland”.

Obviously as a vintage lover myself I knew I had to order my own box . Full disclosure I was given 50% off my first box and I can tell you it was more than worth full price.

As I was back home in the U.K when I would be receiving my package I got an added present when arriving back home (second to seeing my mom and dad obviously! ). The items were wrapped in the yellow vintage themed paper with a note enclosed, even this touch shows the care taken when sending the garments off to their new owner.

The first thing I saw was a hairband, initially I thought I can’t pull this off but as you can see from the photo I stopped caring ,I loved it and will get great use of this in summertime here in Sydney.







The black Victorian styled shirt was one I worried about being able to fasten-when you are blessed with a chest buttons can be the enemy , however it fits perfectly and matches wonderfully with copious gin drinks as showcased below!.

For my third item, let’s talk about florals. I adore anything that as my mate aptly described makes me look like I’m wearing a garden, so the dress I got was IDEAL. It was almost like she knew my style and that in summer the heat in Australia is intense , I do plan to take it up a bit as its a tad long for me but nothing a few stitches cant sort.

Thirdly I received a little brown bag, it was adorable and because I showed my friend the bag she absolutely loved it so I actually ended up gifting it to a fellow vintage lover.

One of the main perks of this experience is buying from somebody who is continually responsive and helpful around your purchase, unlike some larger competitors. There is something very unique about this service the element of surprise and the feeling of having a piece that nobody else is likely to have.

As well as a subscription, Vintage Boxed offer one off boxes that we can be shipped immediately so no waiting for the next subscription postal dates.

I encourage all vintage lovers or those who have friends, partners, daughters etc who love vintage to check out Vintage Boxed and give them a gift to remember -or in my case treat yo self.

I want to thank Jessie for taking the time to be interviewed and of course for my fabulous box of vintage .

You can order online below or checkout Vintage Boxed on social media.