She’s in fashion- an interview with the owner of Cardigan Corner

On the bustling main street in Newtown, Sydney is a vintage shop that compliments the steadfast line of thrift sellers along the street, but there is nothing uniform about this shop.
The owner is Aimy, and damn she is stylish. A bubbly lady small in stature who is just brimming with enthusiasm when she talks about how Cardigan Corner came to be. When I arrive she is chatting away to every person who wonders into this gem, I later ask her what’s important to her when people enter the store. The response is she wants to help people, provide advice to style them and I get the impression I would take her advice no questions asked. I know this is going to be a fantastic interview, enjoy!

The Vintage Vik : Ok, so what did Aimy do in her pre cardigan corner life?

Aimy: I studied a 3 year Diploma in Fashion Design at Otago back home in New Zealand. I then came over to Australia in 1997 to take a position working with fashion designer Akira Isogawa. Learning the ropes of the fashion industry with one of Australia’s best was invaluable, I then spent the following years travelling, working in and out of fashion and growing as a mum to my three awesome children. I then opened my shop and here I am!

The Vintage Vik: How did vintage clothing become your passion?

Aimy: Ever since I was a young kid I loved rummaging around in op shops finding treasures and fabrics I could cut up or create other items from them. Finding eclectic pieces to wear thrilled me and it was all about looking and feeling different growing up. As it was the grunge phase vintage shops were absolute heaven! .I have fond memories of hopping on my old brown Cruzer and biking the 40mins into the 3 op shops in town. It was worth the bike ride to find the gold that’s for sure!

The Vintage Vik : What would you say to any non thirfties if they were unsure about starting out to get a vintage fix?

Aimy : Think about it this way, once you wear the new Gucci tee you paid $800 for it becomes second-hand or pre-loved, ALL clothing is only one wash away from vintage stores.
The excitement of pulling out that piece you connect with amongst the racks, it could be unique, designer, or just an irresistible bargain. Style is born out of creativity and with vintage shopping you can find something that you might not find anywhere else.
Aside from the thrill factor, second-hand shopping is sustainable. We are not contributing to fast fashion landfill waste, and this is where Cardigan Corner stemmed from, a desire to use what we produced already on this planet. Get on board the ethical shopping train – it makes sense!

The Vintage Vik: What is your favourite part of running cardigan corner?

Aimy: When I go on my buying trips and find great pieces and picture who would wear it and which customers of mine would love it. I really enjoy styling my customers and hoping they agree with my choices! The variety of people I have the pleasure of meeting, there is an array of different personalities grace the doors of Cardigan Corner.

The Vintage Vik: What’s your fave vintage piece that you own?

Aimy : Oh wow that is a difficult one to answer. This would be a toss-up between my Vivienne Westwood pinstripe shirt and my white Dior tee.

The Vintage Vik : What advice would you give to anybody considering starting their own business?

Aimy : The only thing I would say is to make sure you choose to set up a business doing something that you LOVE. This will make the hard times and challenges a lot easier. If you are passionate about your business the more likely you are to succeed.

The Vintage Vik : Describe Cardigan Corner in 5 words

Aimy : Unique. Organised. Bright. Sustainable. Creative

The Vintage Vik : So I have to know, what is your fave era of fashion?

Aimy : For the fun factor it’d be the 80s – block colours, bold graphics, extended shoulders, bodysuits & belts, structured power suits- I mean what’s not to love!

Meeting Aimy is like having that fire lit within you. As she talks through how she tries to provide a piece for everybody when she sources her items from the U.K, France, America and many more it’s clear she values inclusion when it comes to style. Aimy caters for not only us adults but she has an eclectic selection of kids clothing, which sets her into a special category of vintage and is a refreshing addition to the norm.

As I listen to Aimy talk I am aware of the atmosphere around me, the shop looks like it could be her sitting room, and going by the music and how owns the space, it could well be her very own corner-even without the cardigans.

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