Tinder- who isn’t swiping?

The internet was made available to everyone in the 1990s, and that is the time when many of the first online dating platforms were created. However, the first online dating application was created in 2012 when Tinder was launched.

Today millions of people use it to find others with whom they can hang out with or hopefully find their Prince Harry. With 50 million users coming from almost 200 countries, and 20 billion matches so far -Tinder is the most famous online dating application ever.

There is a common feeling among many Tinder users when they swipe through the application for hours while their friends and relatives find a way to meet someone in a traditional manner that online dating is an act of desperation. People often feel shy and don’t feel comfortable around people they’ve just met, which means that they can’t present themselves in “true light”, whereas with Tinder you can show what you want to on your terms.

Tinder can give a bit of a helping hand in being so user-friendly and being so easily accessible from the couch. It enables tinderellas/tinderfellas to quickly set up a profile and search for a customized match in a short period of time.

The biggest advantage that Tinder has over other dating websites and applications is that it is quite basic to use. All that a person needs to do to engage in looking for their “soulmate” is to create an account which needs to be merged with Facebook, and start swiping (swiping to the right means you like the person, and swiping to the left means you don’t, just in case you managed to get those confused….).

When both people like each other, Tinder informs them that a match has been made and opens a messaging function. Other advantages include the low amount of spam, and the fear of being rejected is taken to a minimum, it’s a non-event in comparison to being dumped in person!

So how many of us have used Tinder then? More than 10 million users on a daily basis making an average of 1.6 billion swipes, it kinda makes it more believable that people do find their soulmate on an online dating application. For those who sometimes find it daunting to start a conversation with someone IRL, this is where Tinder comes into play. It has changed dating as we know it as more and more people are opting to use it in order to improve their love or social life.

If you ever wondered the extent of this have a read of the link below and get swiping!