The lazy girl guide to fashion

Most of us have had that morning breakdown (the hour before a big night out is a more extreme version of this) when you decide you have NOTHING to wear, yes that’s right the stuff in your wardrobe is USELESS.

Whilst trashing your bedroom like a frustrated 3 year old, you make a decision that you need more clothes/shoes/necklaces pronto but life keeps adding mundane adulty obstacles in the way. These include having zero time, zero money, lack of fashion designer skills or just no realistic inspiration.

The good news is not all fashion needs a Kardashian amount of pocket money and not all mainstream pieces are for everybody. Here are some cheap, fun and quirky ideas to inspire you the next time you have your nothing to wear crisis.

Open the laptop
So you may be aware of the joys of online shopping, and frankly the big dangers associated with it. If I want to buy things online I always look at these three factors:

The cost of the items
Can you get them cheaper elsewhere? Is it worth your sanity braving a shopping centre instead?

The delivery issue
Do you need to spend 5 million dollars before you get free shipping or is the minimum amount roughly what you will spend anyway?

The returns situation
Is it taking precious time out of your brunch catch up to post it? Nobody likes spending an hour in the post office trying to figure out what packaging to use/queuing behind people with no personal space awareness). To add to this, how much financially do you need to contribute to send back the items you can’t get over your head?

A go-to of mine is good old ASOS, mainly because you can order a bunch of items and not worry about the whole returns process*, wait for a sale notification on the app and tap away.

*I refer you to the earlier statement regarding the dangerous aspect of online shopping.

Thrift shop feels
Thrift shops are fast becoming a more viable option with stores bursting with cheap treasure. Aside from lower prices and supporting a charity if they are managed by one, you can be pretty certain that nobody else at the local disco is going to turn up in the same outfit.

For those who enjoy the designer look, thrift shops are still a loveable option. If you are looking for a girl’s day out throw in a thrift shop crawl with some coffee and cake stops whats not to like?

Full disclaimer thrift shops are my idea of a great day out, nothing beats that prize find with added vintage personality- hence the name of my blog.

Fast fashion
We live in a throwaway society, mainly due to the idea of fast fashion, if something is stylish now we need it now. Giving your old clothing to thrift shops or donating to charitable organisations is one way to make sure your items are put to good use.

Another way to get some fast fashion with zero effort or cost is to hit up the friend that is having a clear out and see if there is anything that you could take off her hands. Remember one girl’s trash is another girl’s new LBD !

You do you
On occasion, I have decided I will forge my outfit from bits and pieces I already have, regardless of the end result. I am an offender of wearing tops over dresses, sticking tops under dresses, wearing clashing prints and buying sale boots with two different sizes (RIP best boots ever) and generally looking a hot mess. It’s amazing how different an outfit can look with a top that makes a dress a skirt or having another pendant on your faithful chain around your neck.

The only way others will know is if you tell them, which I always do, a bit like a nice dress it has pockets moment. The key is don’t shy away from your own style, express it through your clothes and worry less about anybody else’s opinion.

Happy styling!