MyMatcha Skinny Tea Review

If you are on social media you probably have seen a few different adverts for teas which promote losing weight, gaining concentration, detox properties and many more. I am usually quite cynical about these quick fixes and for full disclosure I don’t actually drink tea, coffee is my main squeeze.

However, I had the opportunity to try a free sample of the Raspberry flavored MyMatcha skinny tea to write my review. I was looking forward to seeing what the hype was about tea in general and if the posts on my news feed are something I should pay more attention too instead of sticking with memes about not surviving without a coffee hit.

Before I delve into my review I want to tell you a bit more about the beginnings of this tea. MyMatcha was founded by two young UK mums on a mission to aid healthy, post baby weight loss and enhance mental clarity through a tiring time (I am sure a lot of you reading will relate to that!). As for the tea itself, only the youngest, sweetest green tea leaves are ground into a fine powder for MyMatcha. This means that unlike regular green tea, where you throw the goodness away with the tea bag, MyMatcha gives you 100% of the leaf and therefore 100% of the benefits.

During the tea journey I was actually in the middle of exams which basically means I was drinking FAR too much coffee, eating my own body weight in chocolate and basically a hermit. This was the perfect time to try the tea, or perhaps the worst on reflection!

The fact I am a coffee drinker weighted heavily on my mind, could this tea possibly give me the same crutch my large skinny cap could? The first cup took a little bit of getting used too, I had to give it a good stir, but I think that is more linked to my lack of stirring skills and patience which meant a lot of the flavor was sadly at the end of my drinks.

My sips tasted like green tea with a hint of raspberry, which was fine for me as I am not a fan of fruity based teas, so it was just enough for my taste buds on a morning.

In terms of how I actually felt, I was surprised at how energetic I was considering I grudgingly skipped my coffee fix, I felt fine, I felt ready to take on a day of study which I was impressed with.

Although I stuck to the boiling water with powder, the more adventurous readers might want to try making it into a milky drink with a dairy alternative such as coconut milk, if you do let me know how it tastes!

As I had a sample sachet which lasted for five days I think it would reasonable to anticipate if you drank the tea regularly for a longer period of time you could make a judgement on whether the weight loss etc was a result for you.

If you are a tea drinker or feel like branching out from coffee you can find out more about MyMatcha at or on FB  and Insta

Happy tea drinking!